Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays From ZOOM ZOOM CHAIRS

As the season rapidly approaches and we prepare to get together with our loved ones, lets take the time to think about those who are struggling to get around day to day – made worse by cold weather and crowds. Imagine trying to get to the mall and buy presents with a conventional wheelchair.

We have been thinking a lot about this over the few months we have been running Zoom Zoom Chairs.

Starting January 1st, we are setting aside 10% of profits from all of our Amazon affiliate sites to give at least one person a mobility chair each year. Our family of sites includes:

How can you help?

For one, you can help us on this mission by shopping at our websites above for anything you need. This earns us the commissions that allows us to set money aside for the mobility chair giveaway.

If you feel compelled to donate money, contact us and we’ll set up a fund for people who want to donate money for Mobility Chairs!

Also, if you know of anyone who needs a mobility chair, we would love to hear their story. We want to share these stories on the blog and on the BuyFromAzon Facebook Fan Page so that others can have hope and get help as well.

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